Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics and Rather Lovely Athletes #12

I have mixed feelings about the Olympic opening ceremony, and whilst the whole nation seems to be raving about it, I don't really know what to make of it.
The British in me really wants to like it, but unfortunately I didn't find it as impressive as I had hoped it to be.
Don't get me wrong, I admire the work of Danny Boyle and all the people who helped, volunteered and performed during the ceremony but it was just a little underwhelming.
It started off with a mini history lesson, with the countryside and Glastonbury Tor - which I just to happened to live near - Brunel and the Industrial Revolution, Suffragettes, World Wars. Danny Boyle did an amazing job by putting British history at the forefront, but after speaking to some of my European friends, it was apparent that the rest of the World didn't really get it all.

Nevertheless, there were aspects that I really liked. I loved the concept of including the NHS in the ceremony and thought it was so well executed. Public healthcare is one of the reasons why I'm so grateful to be living here as opposed to the US. I also really liked the little scene between Mr. Bond and the Queen - my sister's so gullible, she actually thought the Queen jumped out the helicopter.
The cauldron was pretty cool too, I love how each country "contributed" to it and it looked pretty neat.

So now that the Olympics are officially on the go, the TV's been on constantly and I've been watching some events. I've been flitting back and forth between them - Tom Daley just missed out on the synchronised 10m diving and Zara Phillips seems to be doing pretty well - but I've been following the Hockey and Women's Football especially.
The GB vs Japan Women's match was so good. There were some awesome goals, captain got her jaw smashed in - which by no means is a good thing, rather it looked hideously painful - but team spirit has been sky high.

I feel like the Olympics is a free perving session all the time! So many rather lovely athletes, especially swimmers and the American gymnastics squad (LOOK AT THEM!!) and some of the hockey players. All my friends rave about Michael Phelps, but I've never really considered him that good looking - yes he has a nice bod on him, but Lochte is gorgeous o_O

Oh look the men's gymnastics is on ;)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Hot Hot Hot!! #11

Lately we've been in the middle of a heat wave - weird since just a few weeks ago everywhere was flooding and it was raining constantly. It's been way too hot for me; I can't sleep at all and I spend all night tossing and turning trying to find a cool spot on my bed.
It's kind of ironic - we the British constantly complain about the rain and cold bitter weather and as soon as the Sun comes out, everyone's screaming that it's too hot. I say everyone when I mean me. I hate hate hate this hot weather. There's only so many layers of clothing you can take off - I much rather the cold winter (minus the snow) because it's so nice to wrap up warm and cosy. Did I mention I have a minor obsession with jumpers? My collection is growing.

So anyway, the weather has been "nice" as most people say - warm, hot, sunny with a hint of mugginess. Now that the Olympics has started (well the opening ceremony is tonight), I'm hoping the weather is here to stay for a little while longer - it's out of British politeness that the weather should be nice for such a big event. Hopefully, I won't burn this time, last time it was this hot I burnt my arms and that's saying something, my skin is the type that never ever burns.

So my eyes will be glued to the TV tonight, I wonder if London 2012 opening ceremony can beat Beijing 2008 opening ceremony. Who am I kidding?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Bookworm in Me #10

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but at the grand old age of 18, I have never fully read the Harry Potter series, which is kind of strange since most of the people my age have already read all the books.
I remember my dad buying me the first book when I was younger, and after several futile attempts to read it, I gave up. I don't know why I didn't stick with it, but I remember reading the first few chapters and just forgetting about it.
What's even weirder is, I also have the fourth and fifth book, the latter being a present from my parents on my 9th birthday. My friends used to always talk about the series and make jokes about the books, which I would normally just laugh nervously at.

So, at the start of the year I finally picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the umpteenth time and I'm proud to say, I made my way through the entire book without getting bored with it or forgetting about it.
I picked up the second and third book at my local charity shop and read through them with gusto and after taking a break from reading due to exams, I've just finished the Order of the Phoenix (it's only taken me 9 years!)
I'm waiting on the last two to be delivered to my house and it's a bit of a shame that I've ruined the plot somewhat by watching the films first. Nevertheless, I finally understand why the series was as popular as it was/is, something I failed to recognise when I was younger. I only wished that I had stuck with it to begin with.

The last blog post expressed my frustration and boredom now school is over, but now I've reignited the bookworm in me. Whilst waiting on those Harry Potter books to get to me, I guess I'll continue reading about Precious Ramotswe in Botswana.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Freedom and Boredom #9

Having finished school, I thought I would have bundles of time to do loads of things that I've been planning to do, like catch up on some much deserved sleep.
While that may be true - I do have a lot of time on my hands, I'm already getting bored of it all. It hasn't even been a month since my last exam and I found that I don't really know what to do with myself. I'm literally doing the same thing every day.

Of course, my plans with my friends are still intact. Just the other day a friend and I had lunch together and the others have organised another pub trip - I can't really complain.
Since not everyone is free at the same time, it means that I'm bored in the meantime. I've tried entertaining myself - reading books, hardcore gaming, helping out my parents at work, but nothing really seems to do the trick.

Solutions? Get a job I guess, I'd be killing two birds with one stone - avoiding boredom and earning money. The only problem is, if I'm going to uni in September, who is going to hire someone for just 2 months?

So, for the time being, I'll have to get used to doing not so much. I've noticed that I've suddenly become a film buff and have started rewatching some of our DVDs and I've been persuaded to start watching 30 rock, which I'm currently obsessed with.
I've also started running again, something that I've neglected to do for a while - except it's been raining non stop for the last week. Thankfully, my dad was crazy enough a couple of years back to put a treadmill in our kitchen so it's not so much of an issue other than the fact that running in your kitchen isn't really the same as running outside...

Anyway, meanwhile I guess I'll get back to this glorious sunny weather we've been having...

Ok, so it might not be this bad where I am, but it seriously hasn't stopped raining for like a week.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sixth Form Ball #8

Last Friday was our Sixth Form Ball and it's kind of lame to admit it, but I was so excited for it. Our Year 11 Prom was a bit rubbish, probably because I didn't really know what to expect - it was essentially a glorified disco.
This time, I knew what I was getting - a sit down meal, a jazz band, an after-dinner DJ in the town hall.
It would be the last time I would see most of my classmates and year group together so it was going to be a pretty emotional time saying goodbye to everyone before we all go off to do our own thing.

Everyone was praying for the weather to be nice, warm and sunny, but in true British style, it poured and poured and poured. Any hopes of outdoor photos went out the window pretty early on in the day. Nevertheless, everyone looked so nice glammed up - I can't recall a single person who looked bad and I'm actually kind of impressed with a few.
Some of the teachers came and it was kind of strange to see them again; I haven't been to school in so long that I was beginning to forget what they looked like - likewise with some of my classmates.

After our meal (I had no idea of some of the stuff I was eating), it was time for possibly the most anticipated part of the evening - the awards. There weren't trophies as such but instead winners were presented with a certificate and a rose which was pretty cute.
Anyway, I've always loved the presentation of awards - my hands always go bright from clapping so much but it's so fun to watch; even better if the winners are deserving.
There were the regular awards like Mr and Mrs School for reflecting the values of the school so well, prizes for the most determined and hardest working and then there were some less orthodox awards.
There was a set of awards for "Snow White and Friends" - for Happy, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc and Snow White herself.

Our head of year did a mini speech to announce the winners and most of the time I had some small inkling about who it would be (even though I was very very wrong on some occasions). Most of the speeches were pretty vague and could apply to half the year group but more often than not you'd be able to guess.
When the head of year started reading out Doc, I had a few people in my head as to who it could be, but the more my head of year read, the more I realised she was talking about me...

It's so bizarre to be on the other side of the audience - something I am really not used to.  Half my school mates and teachers swarmed  over to congratulate me saying that they knew it was going to me - even if I had no inkling.

After the awards, it was time for... the "disco". I feel kind of lame saying the disco because it takes me back to primary school but I have no idea what to call it. We managed to boogie with the chemistry teachers and even had a whirl with the head of year (to the appropriate song "I Predict a Riot").

Teachers kept approaching people to ask what we were doing next year and it suddenly dawned on me that we'd all be gone in a few months - I think I was denying the idea of leaving school and people behind. I feel almost too young to go off to uni but at the same time, I'm really really excited. It's probably pretty normal to feel like that, even if some of my friends wouldn't hesitate to go right this very second.
The Sixth Form Ball was definitely good fun - the people who didn't go have no idea what they were missing - the perfect send off before we hit the big wide world.

It was a really great night that I will remember fondly and hopefully it won't be one I'll be forgetting any time soon.
How beautiful is my rose? Still shocked to have won something!! 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crazy Birthday #7

I haven't posted in a while since a lot of things have happened...

After my parents banned me from going on holiday, I was pretty pissed and decided to organise my own little get together for my birthday before hitting the pub afterwards - I messaged everyone to see whether they were free.
Most of the boys were up for the pub but not available in the afternoon for a mini party - a standard response.
The girls on the other hand were all a bit funny; S who is an iPhone addicted is normally the first to respond, but this time she didn't even text back. The only one who did was the girl who never ever ever uses her phone.
Fair enough, pub crawl it was!

My birthday was last month (oopsie - June 29th) and I was in the front room with my sister, E when we heard a car pull up outside - I turned to E and said how much I hated people parking outside our house since it gives me the creeps and makes me all paranoid that they're going to break in and steal our stuff. E looked outside and just said that there were some lads outside... GREEEAAAT.

The doorbell rang and all I can picture in my head is a bunch of big guys about to barge their way into our house and rob us. I answered the door and nobody was outside but I hear talking and I see a random box of cake on top of our hedge...
My friends are the best hiders ever!

Massive shock though, my friends all jumped out and surprised me!? Turns out my parents had already organised a secret surprise party for my 18th - it's so unlike them to do anything like this.

Had the most amazing day and in the evening we went out to the pub to buy my first ahem, legal drink.
Cheers to being 18!